I went to Crossgates the other day and had a great time... I didn't however have the most perfect trip to the mall... but, according to this study, I feel like that would be pretty impossible!!

A new survey asked people what the "perfect" trip to the mall would be like and people said they'd spend was just under $150 and about 3 hours shopping.

Here are some fun stats from the survey-

1.  Ideally, you'd start your shopping adventure at 10:28 A.M. on a Saturday.

2.  While you're there, you'd try on six things, and buy five of them. (Which means about $30 an item)

3. During your perfect shopping trip, you'd stop in the middle for coffee and a snack.

4. People said they definitely wouldn't pay full price for anything on their perfect shopping trip.

5.  The average person said they'd hit nine stores, but wouldn't want to stand in line for more than seven minutes total.

6.  They'd post on social media five times while shopping, and send at least one text to get a second opinion on something. (For me it's Snapchat!!! @Bethanyll)

7. One of the top things people really hope would happen is trying something on, and realizing you need a smaller size.

Now that does kinda sound perfect!!

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