Remember when life was more simple?  I don't know how old you are, but I certainly do.  I remember only having 3 tv channels , and one of them came in "fuzzy".  The corner grocery store!  The local hardware store with maybe 50 paint choices, TOPS!.    Big Box store?  What's THAT about?

Oh the times, they are a changin'.  On one day of shopping with my wife, it all hit me like a lead balloon.  Every place you go, you are forced to make decisions and choices.  And with all the possibilities out there, it can drive a dead man crazy.  Notice I said "man".  That's because in a typical relationship (and call me sexist if you like) the female of the species just goes totally off the wall--checking every possibility in sight, with the poor guy forced to put his two cents in-whether he has a preference or not!

This dilemma rolled around in my confused brain all day as we shopped.  And the next morning on WGNA, we played Chris Young's "Voices".  And again--lead balloon time-- I said to myself "Voices?   How 'bout "Choices"?   "I Hate Choices All The Time!!".  And yes, another dumb parody was born.

Have gotten some nice responses to this one, and I appreciate it, so I'm repeating it for you here.  You have the choice whether to click on it or not!!!