On Thursday, June 28, 2012, 33 dogs were seized by The Mohawk And Hudson River Humane Society, from a farm in Mayfield, about 50 miles from the Albany area.

In a story that I saw on News 10 ABC, these dogs were removed from another home in Mayfield about a week earlier. That’s when the original owner of the dogs, Tirzah Henry was evicted from her Mayfield home. She gave the dogs to Sue Kelly, who is allegedly known for taking in animals.

This is not the first time Kelly had a run in with the law about animals. She was arrested in July, 2011 on animal neglect charges. That’s when authorities removed around 300 animals from her home.

A neighbor that lives across the street from Kelly called it “a freak show, and it’s sad for the animals that have died or put in harms way because of her actions.” According to a Humane Society official, besides having overcrowded cages, some of the dogs really needed to see a veterinarian.