Last year I received an email from a fan of 'GNA who listens online.

Her name is Khushnoor Patel and I was immediately fascinated by her! I mean, thousands of people log on to our website every month and listen from all over the country. My own family listens in Florida almost every morning, but I've never heard of anyone in a country other than Canada listening... until Khushnoor!

She listens to Sean and me every morning,  but where she lives, in India, it's actually the afternoon! Isn't that nuts!

Khush lived in Scotia for a couple of years, which is how she discovered 'GNA. She moved back to India to take care of her father a few years ago, and took her love of country music and 'GNA with her.

She has told me that the country radio in India is crap, which is another reason I love Khushnoor: she definitely tells it like it is.

Anyway, she is here visiting so I invited her to pop into the studio and hang for a while. She was such a great guest, too, she even brought donuts and coffee!

Here's the pic of Khush with Sean and me:

Photo cred - Bethany


Where are you listening to us?