Some Albany Area students are hoping to make a difference by taking a Mission Trip to India. While hosting a cupcake fundraiser to help pay for their expenses, we asked future Nursing student Kim Newell why this trip was so important and how people can help her group accomplish their mission.

1. Why do you want to go to India?

I want to go to India because I have such a passion in my heart to love and serve their people. The relationships we get to build with the people we meet means more than words, the smiles that we get to put on the faces of orphans, and the time we get to spend visiting families and villages in the slums....that is why I want to return to India, they have all left hand prints on my heart and I just want to continue to bring love and smiles to a place where there is so much pain and struggle.

2.  What do you think you'll learn from that experience?

I think anytime you go to a 3rd world country, you see the big picture and learn to really put things into perspective. I have also learned that a smile can overcome any language barrier, any caste and any cultural barrier. I think we are going to learn so much about India as a team, just being given the opportunity to humble yourself and live the way that they do is an incredible experience. I have also learned that while people say, "there are so many in need, we can't really make a difference", I beg to differ. For the children in the orphanage who we get to love on and play with, it makes a difference. For the family who are considered untouchable based on their caste that we get to go serve and build relationships with, it makes a difference. And for the women who are sold into the temple at a very young age who have never been loved, or even hugged, it makes a difference. I think there is so much we can learn from this experience, and to come back to America with a new perspective on what really matters in life will continue to change us.

3. Why do you need donations and support?

We are honored to go and serve the people of India. We have had so many families and individuals partner with us through financial support, prayers, and donations, and we want to allow others to have the opportunity to be a part of what is happening in India. Our team won't be there forever, but there are some things we can bring and leave there to help make a difference, and that is why we are collecting clothes, hygiene products, medical supplies to bring over. Also, if people feel led to give financially that is also very much appreciated.

The Mission Trip is supported by Grace Fellowship in Latham. For more information call 518-209-5433 or email