I have wanted to get a tattoo for quite sometime. But I never knew what I wanted and then was never really sure where it should go. I think I was really just nervous about the whole process and was just procrastinating and always putting it off.

Well, last week my friend was getting another tattoo done and asked me if I would like to come along and check out the Tattoo Parlor and this way I could decide if this is what I really wanted to do. Sure enough, after he was done, I was all in. I wanted to do this.

Yesterday, I went down to the parlor and got it done. I will admit, it hurt a little, but not a serious pain, just an annoyance more than anything. That was the least of my troubles. If you do ever get some ink done, make sure you eat during the day. My tattoo artist Anthony stopped for a bit and all of a sudden I started sweating and feeling a bit strange. I guess I got a bit pale too. My blood sugar dropped so that messed my system up. Luckily he had Gatorade handy and I was good to go. Still it was a scary situation at first. He finished it with no problems after that and here is the finished product.

So what do ya think? As many know, I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I think this would bring me to the Superfan status. Which leads me to this question, Do any of our WGNA listeners have any tattoos that show their fandom of something? Whether it be Sports, Music, TV or whatever?  Would love to know what you have!