We're so romantic here at 'GNA!  We want you to find that special someone and fall deeply, head over heals in love!  That's why we play so many love song!

A scientist recently did a study and found the 10 conditions a couple will need in order to fall madly in love.

1.  Similarities.  You gotta have something in common in order to love someone, right?



2.  Reciprocal liking. Which is just a fancy way of saying they have to like you back.



3.  Desirable characteristics.  Meaning you have to like most of the things about their personality and appearance.



4.  Relationship readiness.  Are you ready and willing to be in a relationship?



5.  Alone time together.  Boom-chicka-bow-wow!



6.  An air of mystery.  Keep them guessing and wanting more, more, more!



7.  Social acceptability.  Meaning your friends and family approve.



8.  They fulfill you in some way.  Emotionally, physically, both!



9.  Excitement.  You're more likely to fall for someone when things are exciting, stressful, or even dangerous.  You know girls who always fall for the bad boy... this is probably why.



10.  An X-factor.  The "it" factor.  Something irresistible about him or her. It could be anything from their eyes to their sense of humor.

There, all you need are those 10 things and you'll be in love in no time at all!

Good luck!