Well wont this stir things up a bit?! Missouri's All American Defensive End, Michael Sam has officially announced he is gay. He said his purpose isn't to create any sort of sensation but he does know that this is a big deal.

Michael said he came out to his college teammates last August and he could not believe how supportive everyone was. I wonder how the potential N.F.L. teammates will react. If he is drafted this Spring he will be the first openly gay man in the N.F.L. , though I'd be very surprised if he were the first, or last gay man to play in the league.

I for one, applaud him, this announcement will change his life forever, and I'm betting he certainly didn't improve his draft status with the announcement , no matter how brave or overdue it is. However, the N.F.L. has often proven that if a player can play, they are all to willing to deal with every off field distractions that may come.

Here is a brief video from the New York Times Interview:

What do you think? Would you want your favorite N.F.L. franchise to draft him? I for one am perfectly OK with it, if the guy can play(and he can)  and he is willing to bleed green, he can be an Eagle! Though, I'm sure no team is looking forward to the distractions that would come from drafting Michael.

By the way, for those of you asking yourselves, "How good is this guy really?" Well the answer is VERY! Check him out on the field.