NFL Draft

Who Will Draft Marcus Mariota In Tonight’s NFL Draft? [POLL]
I love the NFL Draft. I remember setting aside an entire weekend to watch it unfold and see how my beloved Eagles would do. I apparently wasn't the only one as now the NFL has figured out that if they put the first round in prime time on Thursday night they can get a ton of viewers, and money. I thi…
NFL Draft Prank [VIDEO]
The NFL Draft continues tonight and this weekend. One of my favorite things to do is mess with people who think they know everything about football. So when I saw this I literally laughed out loud. This reporter gets fan feed back from the crowd at Radio City Music Hall. Only one problem, the player…
NFL Draft Means Hope For All Fans And Teams
With only two days until the 2013 NFL Draft every team and every fan can afford to have hope for the future. Is this the year your favorite team adds that franchise player that takes them to the next level? We can all say yes for a little while longer at least.
Draft Your Way To The NFL Draft
Draft your way to the NFL Draft:
Each morning a caller will be asked a
question. They may draft one person from the morning show to help them decide the answer.
If  they draft Casey or Richie and get the question correct they will receive 3 entries into the drawing...