Ms. Wendell's 4th graders from Poestenkill Elementary were such a great class, I wanted to give them a second blog.  It all started when a student asked me if I ever made a mistake on the air.  So first I told them my iPad tale of woe, and then I asked them if they ever had a similar situation.  My recorder was rolling and this is what was captured

First I told the kids the story about my lost iPad and where he ended up finding it:

mp3 version (right click to save)

That's the actual shot of the iPad as I found it .  Embarrassing!!

So then I asked the kids if any of them or their parents happened to leave something on the roof of THEIR car-  and here is the full audio of that extensive interview!

mp3 version (right click to save)

So let that be a lesson, folks.  Don't let those coffee mugs out of your sight!

PS  - Thanks to Jenn Woodin and the class for making this cake.  It's still in my refrigerator at home.  I may bring it in tomorrow as long as noone cuts into the guitar.  Thats ART right there!