The engineer for our broadcast in Turks and Caicos showed me a nifty little case called a Phorm, and it just might solve the problem if you hate typing on the iPad.

The Phorm could have been something that a geeky type would introduce on Shark Tank. If I were "Mr. Wonderful, I would invest immediately.

This is a case that transforms your keyboard into raised keys, giving you a much more tactile experience.  It's an overlay that fits perfectly over the "virtual keyboard" that appears on your screen.

Check this out

I don't know about you, but I have a difficult time typing normally on mine.  I really think this would solve my problems.  How about you?

They're not cheap, but what decent case is? Plus it would protect the rest of your screen at the same time, so it just may be worth it.

Wow - the things you learn on vacation.  You can order one at