As we approach the end of Summer, movies are coming out at double speed. This week/weekend we have FOUR new movies.

Disney/Pixar puts a new spin on "Cars" with "Planes". If there's one thing I know it's as soon as I see that lamp stomp the I from Pixar into the ground I am in for a fun and emotional movie. Dane Cook heads an all star voice cast as a crop duster that dreams of competing in a famous race.



Jason Sudeikis begins his post Saturday Night Live career with "We're The Millers". I look at this movie as more proof Brad Pitt is insane. Jennifer Aniston looks amazing as a "dancer". He left that for Angelina Joli?????



From the minds that brought you "District 9" Matt Damon stars in "Elysium". In this dark vision of the future all the "Haves" have left Earth behind for a paradise where no one gets sick and the "Have Nots" are left behind in squalor.



Finally here's a a movie I can watch with my daughter. Which is a huge deal for me as a single dad. "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is the story of a boy that finds out he's the son of Poseidon greek god and king of the sea. This is the second movie in the series and like I said is fun for both me and my daughter