How do you calm your nerves while flying?  I don't know about you, but I stare intently at the Skymall Magazine (in the seat pocket in front of you) and tried to make a song out of it.  This was actually composed while on a 10 hour flight from Rome to Philadelphia (I need a life really bad!)



Ahhh-my favorite guilty pleasure while flying!  I don't know about you, but Skymall Magazine is about the only thing that keeps me from going "semi-postal" from being holed up  in a cramped, hot, claustrophobic aircraft on a flight that's anything over 20 minutes in length. (And our last flight took 10 hours!!!!)

I took it as a challenge and( great time waster) to write something while actually in flight about this great publication.   Here goes nuttin, honey!


Well, now I just wasted YOUR time!  Thanks for at least clicking on it!  What do YOU do to wasted time on a plane?  Would love to know.