Don't you HATE people who do that?   Your friends will describe a movie they just saw and go just a LITTLE too far with the plotline.   I don't want to know the ending, but in case you do, "there's an app for that"

Well, not exactly an app.  But there are a couple of wackos on the internet that will "sum things up for you".  They are the Fine Brothers.  And I must admit, they cracked me up.  Because they give you the endings to 50 movies from 2010  in under 3 minutes.  So if you are planning NOT to see all these flicks--check this out...  very clever!

They also do the same for TV shows and a whole host of other subjects.   ( Can you imagine going to the movies and sitting in front of these guys????  )

Well, we actually did sit in front of some guy who blurted out every single upcoming part of the movie Secretariat right before it happened.  Things like "well, we all know how THIS race turns out" .  And yes, I knew how the race turned out.  I also knew that the Titanic sinks at the end too, but I don't want someone saying it OUT LOUD when I just spent 12 bucks without the popcorn to discover it for myself!!!      Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!