Who do you think should be nominated for Parent of the Year? Who's that awesome hockey mon out there? Who's the dad who will drive 100 miles to see his daughter's play? Who will win the coveted "PAULA"! You can find out by attending the upcoming event!

There will be a 2012 Parent of The Year Awards dinner on November 29th. The event is taking place from 6pm to 10 pm at the Mohawk River Country Club and Chateau in Rexford. Tickets are $50 and they can be bought right on Paula's website:www.parentologywithpaula.com. Paula does a great job with her show on Fox 23. I had the pleasure of being featured on her show not too long ago.. Good luck to all the nominees, by the way.

..And Ben, please don't try to nominate me. I really appreciate it, but I can't accept. (Ok, I do check the mail every day, but other than that, I don't care either way)