You've heard the fun songs Richie has created with kids on the Sean and Richie Show with his Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Tour.  But maybe you'd like to see him in action.  Well, you can-this Sunday on Fox News at 10:30am.  The show you're looking for is "Parentology".  

I had the unique opportunity to visit the Hope 7 Community Center-one of the organizations that we give money to (thanks to your donations to Pennies from Heaven). Special thanks to Program Director Delina Pausley for inviting me in, by the way.

And very special thanks to Paula Gretzinger and Reporter Aliz Koletas as well, from Fox 23's "Parentology".  They followed me around  with a camera the best that they could (I'm a tough target I guess-I move too much for TV!)   The results will be shown Sunday at 10:30am.  Here's the promo (although I can't watch the parts with me in it- I'm too self critical!)


Obviously, the kids are the stars here, and there are some great comments from them about the perils of bullying. I wish I was as good in front of the camera as they were!   I hope it at least gives you an idea of what"Parentology with Paula and the Readin' Writin and Rhymin' Tour is all about!

If you are interested in signing up for the "tour" for next fall, by the way,  please leave your name and school with me at and I can contact you with more information. You must be a teacher to sign up for the program, which would not be possible without  Hannaford Supermarkets and their continued sponsorship.