This is going to be amazing! We're having a pizza war, and you're invited.  In fact, we're looking for enlistments!  It's a short stint- 1 nite only!!!   I'm sure we'll find WMD's (weapons of mass digestion)--(ok, 'nuff said).We'll be back after a word from our sponsor

That's right.  It's all going down at Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady on February 3rd.

There's nothing like a pizza.  I can remember my father saying that once a week, no matter what, we're going out to dinner.  Even if it's just the local "pizzeria", as he would call it.

"What do you mean-even if it's JUST the local pizza place?", I would say to myself.   Those were the best meals.   And what's great about ordering a whole pizza at a restaurant?   It usually takes a long time to come out.    That's a brilliant marketing move on the establishment's part. Because you build up such angst, such anticipation,  such frustration that when it comes out, you don't even care what it tastes like--you just devour the darn thing!!!

Well, fear not.  You won't have to wait that long when you come.  You can taste quick samples from many different vendors!  We're all psyched here at the station.  Hopefully we'll see you there.  You'll need a break after this storm!!! OK, troops--at ease!!! (and you will be if you come!!)