It started with an idea.  “Let’s have a parade thru the Town of Niskayuna, and have residents meet afterwards right smack dab in the center of town", (which was Niskayuna High).  That was 1982.  And NiskaDay is still going strong!

Yes, it’s the 30th Anniversary of Niska-Day. It’s a big deal around these parts.  They have tons of food, a craft tent that was so busy it was like Niskayuna’s version of Grand Central Station at rush hour, games galore for kids, the fire department was prominently displayed as well.  And I got a chance to snap a few photos to show you around.  Maybe you Nisky-ites can spot yourselves in these shots!

You'll have to have good eyes to pick yourself out, for sure.

OK- He's an exception to the rule!                                                                                  

What event like this would be complete without the big fire trucks (and boats) for the kids?

And what made me snicker the most?  Fried ones!

Niskayuna is and has been a great place to live. It's just one of many great places in Schenectady County. And although we had no little one to bring to this event, it definitely reminded us of the good times we used to have at things like this with Ben.  (Kind of ironic.  He's coming home from colllege today for the summer)  He's going to be a JUNIOR next year!   Snicker?  I'm about to wimper!

So to sum up,  if you have little ones,  drag - I mean TAKE  them to these kind of events in your community. They'll love it. (And get lots of pictures! Time goes so darn fast! )

HAPPY 30TH, NISKA-DAY! (too bad I missed the parade!)