When I first heard about this story I naturally thought, "Drugs?  Speeding?  No, Mr. Cage was arrested in New Orleans for public drunkenness.  This, I did not see coming.  Not that I am a huge fan of Nicolas Cage, or don't think that the man could probably get quite hammered if he chose to.  I can't believe it because it's New Orleans!

I've been to New Orleans a few times and I gotta tell you , I don't know what you'd have to do to get arrested for public drunkenness.  I think they'd be more apt to give you fines for not drinking enough.  Not that I'm particularly proud of it but one time I got so drunk in New Orleans, I laid down on the sidewalk for a moment to stop the world from moving so much.  That in itself was not enough for me to say, "Man, I have been over served."  It was the fact that when I laid down on the concrete, I thought it was soft.

Clearly, as I was not even looked at twice by locals , tourists or police Nicolas must have gotten pretty darn belligerent.  As I understand it the trouble started when he began to argue with his wife over which residence they had rented.  Still hard to believe he warranted being arrested. Now, if they arrested people for bad acting? We got something there. Or even if he got arrested for stealing all the movie goers money money with "Ghost Rider".

Maybe, as one person commenting on the story suggested, perhaps this is all a ruse to get himself inside the New Orleans' jail to recover a clue for his latest treasure hunt.  Or maybe he is looking to take over the lead role in "Two and a Half Men"  I don't know but I think maybe he shouldn't have left Las Vegas.

God Bless.