I just went and saw "Season Of The Witch". As many of you know I LOVE SCARY MOVIES!!! I have to warn you do not go see this movie in the theatre. As a horror movie buff I had to see it but it was not worth the money to go see it. Wait for Netflix or pay per view. It was odd because most of the scenes from the trailer that sold me on going to see it were not in the movie. Here watch the trailer just warning you it's a little scary and not for kids.

Now that looks scary and fun. Nick Cage and Ron Pearlman kicking evil butt and taking names. The movie falls short of that. The worst part is the "big twist" you know the ah ha moment, is lacking at best. Looks to me like the best parts of this movie got cut out. Makes me sad because it had potential. If I were you I would watch it but not until you can do it cheap.