How many times have you gone to Saratoga and ended up walking...and walking... and walking to get to the entrance because of a bad parking spot? That's if you FIND one!  Well, this guy has the answer, and more power to him! 

His name is Hans Theisen and he is a Saratoga native and former track worker.  He must have had a huge lightbulb go off inside his head one day, because he came up with an idea that is so simple yet BRILLIANT that you wonder why noone else has ever thought of it!

It's called Space Derby.  All you do is go online or on your phone, put in the date that you want to go to the track, and you can pick your price and location. Maybe you want to go out for a meal afterwards and not have the restaurant far from your car?  Go to Space Derby and scope out the right spot.  You pay online with a credit card and get a "digital parking pass" to show the guy taking the tickets. That's it!

photo by Richie Phillips

He has made arrangements with several private lots in the area. The lot sets the rate and he tacks on a finders fee of 10-20%. Again, simple business model, huh?

Don't you wish they would have this for regular parking spaces in cities, like Albany for example? Would YOU pay for something like this? I sure would!