The end of NASCAR races are usually the most exciting part of the race.  This weekend’s race was no different!

Kevin Harvick DOMINATED this race, there is no doubt about that!  But with 22 laps to go, Kasey Kahne was in front of him, dominating!  It was so exciting for me.  Watching Kasey’s chances of getting into the chase was kind of like cheering for the underdog.  I SO wanted him to win.

Then, with 2 laps to go, out of nowhere, Kyle Busch hits Martin Truex Jr. to cause a caution!  WHAT?  HOW?  WHY?

When you look at the tape, it’s like there was no reason for it. Clear pass then BOOM he hits him and causes a caution! Watch this video from NASCAR:

Now, I am not one to start rumors, but come on, this seems to be just childish behavior. It’s also childish behavior that changes the outcome of a race and possible career for other drivers.   Kevin Harvick wound up crashing not able to finish a race he dominated and now Kasey Kahne has to restart after being ahead by so much!  Ugh!

In the end, it didn’t matter, because Kasey won and is headed to the chase!

But man, you have to wonder why did he do this? Should NASCAR be doing more about these on-track battles? Racing is hard, there is rivalry in every sport, but again, 2 laps to go? I think there is something fishy about this one!

What do you think, did he do it on purpose? What should be done?