There will be a ton of tempers flying and bumping and grinding on the short half mile at Bristol Motor Speedway today for the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.This track separates the real drivers that know how to handle their cars from the chumps that just know how to floor it and turn left. Real champions come out of Bristol. You might even get treated to some pit row smack talking from drivers who get caught in a wreck, and who knows maybe a punch or two being thrown. It is that kind of track that brings out the absolute best and worse in drivers. Go Tony Stewart. He's my guy and he's the type of driver that can handle this type of track. Jeff Gordon is always dangerous here, and you have to keep an eye out on Denny Hamlin this week. Denny can win on any track, anytime. He is going to be a Hall of Famer for sure. Get the standings going into the race today at 1pm here.