The Championship race is set for next week and the four drivers competing for the title have been announced!

Sunday’s race in Phoenix was delayed by rain then red flagged by rain with just over 100 laps to go, giving Dale Earnhardt Jr. the win!
The four drivers competing to win The Chase next week are: Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr.
Now, I would like to bring your attention to an article I wrote in September where I picked two of the four drivers to be in the Championship! That’s all really, just a little pat on the back!

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My breakdown of the top four drivers:
1. Jeff Gordon – What a story if he wins, right? He’s retiring, this is his farewell season!
2. Kyle Busch – He missed the first part of the season, got back and raced his way hard into the Championship round by winning and winning! Way back when, I wrote I thought he could do it!
3. Kevin Harvick – The defending Champ. I’m still a little suspect of his crash a couple weeks ago. But, he’s a great racer, so he has a great shot!
4. Martin Truex Jr. – Another driver with a great story. Truex and his girlfriend, Shelly Polex, have been supported by drivers & their families and so many fans this season, as Polex continues to fight cancer. Emotional win here if he can pull it off. Tip: He has the best driver rating going into this race.

Who do I pick? It’s so tough….

What driver do you think will win?