Yesterday, I posted a blog about some Albany area places that I know people like to go in the spring and summer for food and ice cream.

With our unusual March warm weather, those were the first places that I thought of. After I posted it, I saw on our Face Book page some other ice cream places that are favorites WGNA listeners, so I thought I would share a few of them with you. Some of these are a little outside the Albany area.


6) The Snowman

The Snowman is in Troy. Danielle mentioned that they are open.

5) Curry Freeze

Tamilynn said that Curry Freeze in Rotterdam opens on Wednesday.

4)Devoe's Rainbow Delights

Tim mentioned that he likes Devoes Rainbow Delights in Clifton Park

3) The Country Drive-In

Jess told us that in Clifton Park, The Country Drive-In’s  ice cream is “delish.” Burgers and fries, too.

2) Muffin’s Ice Cream Shop

I’ve been by this place a thousand times. Muffin’s is in Colonie. Debbie thinks their ice cream is awesome, and reasonably priced.

1) Smiles soft serve ice cream

Cheryl let us know that Smiles Soft Serve Ice Cream in Nassua was open yesterday.


I know a lot of the time, it depends on where you live. It’s a matter of convenience. I might have to check out all of these places. A gym membership may be calling my name after I do that.