This was a fun interview, and I really give these folks all the credit in the world.  And one of them is only 10 years old! 

I've already completed one blog on the Saratoga County Kids Care Club, an organization that collects used Halloween costumes and distributes them to underprivileged children.

But after interviewing one of the adults who oversees the group (run totally by kids) , Maria Fuda and President Aiden Sajjad, it inspired me to give them one more piece of publicity here.  These kids deserve it.

All you seem to hear in the news is how kids aren't the same these days.  All they do is stare like zombies into their iPhones and iPads and could care less about the world around them.

Take a listen to Aiden and you will get a totally different perspective.  It gives you hope that there are socially active, compassionate youngsters in the world that want to help.   This could be my feel-good blog of the year.

Here's my interview - Enjoy!