I know, I know.  I already did a blog about this kid and this club.  I don't care.  I'm giving this group 2 promotional mentions because they have done so much for the community and continue to do so.  Plus it's run completely by kids.  It's the Saratoga County Kids Care Club!

Aydin Sajjad was a guest on Capital Region Sunday, a program that I contribute to each week.  He was fantastic.  So fantastic in fact, that I told my fellow morning show cohorts that we just HAD to have him on.  Why?  Because one of the things that this organization does is collect used and unused Halloween costumes and distribute them to the needy.


They have collected way over 300 costumes!  Isn't that enough to give these kids 2 blogs? I rest my case.

Here is the audio of the interview from the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show on 10/29.

Isn't that inspiring?  Makes me wonder just how little I've accomplished today besides this blog, but hopefully spreading the word about this wonderful group is  good enough!