I think that's a fair question, since we mention it all the time on the Sean and Richie show. So I'm about to show you the actual Pro flowers that are on our dining room table.

Now mind you, these roses  have been on the table for just about one week.  I think they still look fantastic

Photo by Richie Phillips

The salt shakers are not included, by the way.  It really is extremely convenient to order them, I must say.  This was the 1 one dozen roses that we have advertised for Mother's Day.  I'm doing this on my own, by the way - I'm not getting free flowers for the rest of my life or anything for promoting this.  I just thought you would like to see what we have been advertising.

For all of the current specials, just go to www.proflowers.com and remember the code "Richie" to get the deal or you can call them at 1-800-pro-flowers.  Happy Mother's Day in advance!