Everyone knows it's hard to be a man in this woman's world. Sure we have made strides and I know we have a long way to go but until this morning, I thought we were really making progress. Today I wake up to Facebook post after Facebook post about this trashy movie called "Magic Mike" that is coming out tonight. If you haven't heard of it yet its this major motion picture release chock full of sexy leading men who will be spending the entire film with their shirts off. Oh and they are all male strippers. I'm sure the plot will be easily as good as say, "Terms of Endearment" (sarcasm) but our wonderful wives and girlfriends won't know what it is about anyway because all they will have time to do is count layers of abs. Ugh! Here is just one of the pictures (porn) I saw posted on line.

Can you see what I mean? Disgusting. So clearly I and a couple of my "real life" male friends had to at least comment and let them know how we feel, though I'm sure they wont care. I am just so angry that this sort of behavior is socially acceptable for them and they even brag about it on Facebook. Men let yourselves be heard, and if any of you "ladies" out there can empathize with us, join us in boycotting this objectifying filth.

Here are some of the comments we posted on this girls post:

I want to know what you think, and you PIGS, I mean ladies can feel free to defend yourselves but I hardly see how you can, with your minds constantly on Mathew and Channing.