Every Year EA Sports, the makers of the Madden video game series do a simulated game to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. This year is no different and according to the game, the New York Giants will be Super Bowl XLVI Champions.

According to the simulation, it all comes down to Lawrence Tynes hitting a field goal as time expires to help the G-Men win by the score of 27-24. It looks at first like the Giants would run away with it, but Tom Brady and the Patriots make it interesting.

The Simulation has been right 6 out of the 8 times that it has been done. The only wrong predictions were last years game where Madden predicted a Steelers 24-20 win over the Packers and in 2008 when it predicted a Patriots victory over the Giants by the score of 38-30. I already like the odds of the Giants taking this game, this could make it that much better. We will see when it all goes down this Sunday. I myself am a Steelers fan, but for one day only, I will be a Big Blue Fan! Go Giants!