My wife and I try to go to the Saratoga Race Course at least one day per season. We did that this past Thursday, during our vacation.

We loaded up a cooler with some drinks and food, bring some lawn chairs and meet up with friends. It’s just about the same thing Jeff Levack did the week before, and he brought his daughter. This leads me to the next part of my story. I love to go up, enjoy the company of our friends, relax a little and watch the horses run, all while I don’t bet. Richie said that he sucks at it, and I would, too. I brought my son up there a while back, when he was still a little kid.


Some people might not think that the track is a place for children, but it really is. They have things going on to grab their attention. The kids love to watch the horses. They have musicians strolling around. The one thing that was really cute was the mascot. A person in a horse costume walking around and talking to the kids: sometimes sitting with them.

Some of the menus have kids’ selections on them. For a few hours, it seemed that most of the children were almost always occupied and entertained.

So even if you don’t bet, it’s great place to be and spend some time with your family, whether their young or old. Just something to keep in mind:

Track season ends on Labor Day, September 5. It’s almost over.

Have you brought your family to the track?