How was YOUR weekend?  Glad to hear it.  I had a very good, yet humbling weekend, thanks for asking!  I found yet two more sports I am terrible at!



First I had the chance to play golf in a charity tournament for the Hudson River Community Credit Union in Glens Falls.  It was fantastic fun.  I was in a foursome with the very modest  yet quite competent golfer, Peter Gigante, along with a father and son team -Tom and Tom Fusco.  Super guys in their own right, and MAN were they great!  I held my own for the first 9 holes, but began the usual tearing up of the turf, bending of the clubs, and the injuring of small animals along the way.  (I always try to visualize this guy in my mind, but I always end up like one of the 3 Stooges. )








The next day I took my wife and mother to Saratoga Race Course.  It was the day of the  "Whitney" stakes,  but we didn't make it that far.   I think we lasted about 4 races.  We actually broke ABOUT EVEN (which is what everyone says even though mathematically we lost big time -we're bad at math too!   Oh- my horse?  It's not pictured here.  I've put out an all points bulletin for him!  I'm kidding.  I bet on Katz My Song because it sounded musical.  And he WON.  But I bet him in an exacta, so I didn't!



I can't even describe the jealosy that I feel toward people who are great at these or any other sports.

What sport do you wish YOU were good at?  Or better yet, what sport are you GREAT at that will make me seethe with even more jealosy?  Leave your comments below!