Well, you did pretty well on the Montgomery Gentry trivia test (although I did have to grade on a curve).  Here we go with a trivia test about our second band, Lady "A"- ready to perform at the Taste Of Country Music Festival in Hunter Mountain June 13th-15th. 

Ready to play Fact Or Crap?    I'm so glad!  Here goes....

1. Lady Antebellum once wrote and performed a parody of Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem"   Fact or Crap?.

2.  Charles Kelly is actually distantly related to R Kelly.    Fact or Crap?

3. Lady Antebellum became the first group in CMA Award history to receive the Single of the Year honor for two consecutive years.   Fact or Crap?

4. Hillary Scott's father owns the Scott tissue company- Fact or Crap?

1. answer -  Fact -  It was called "Country Club Anthem", and was performed on the internet on "Webisode Wednesday" back in 2011

2. Answer- Crap, but he is related to pop singer Josh Kelly

3. Answer - That is quite factual!

4. Answer- CRAPOLA.  (but Hillary's mother, however, is country singer Linda Davis)

There you go. Now you are a little more up to speed on this amazing country trio. For more information about this amazing 3 day event, click here