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Brett Eldredge And Edgar – Best Video You Will See Today [Video]
It seems that every country show we go to, the artists always bring along their furry friends. Most of them are rescue animals. We met a ton of the country artists' dogs over the summer. It was obvious that Brett Eldredge was in love with his dog, Edgar. He continues to show his affection.
My Top 5 Country Tracks of the Moment [VIDEO]
Being new to GNA and new to country, as a whole, it should make complete sense that everything I'm hearing, I'm hearing for the first time. As a music junkie of sorts, I'm like a kid in a candy store! My family is very music
Lady Antebellum Fact Or Crap Trivia Test
Well, you did pretty well on the Montgomery Gentry trivia test (although I did have to grade on a curve).  Here we go with a trivia test about our second band, Lady "A"- ready to perform at the Taste Of Country Music Festival in Hunter Mountain June 13th-15…