I love it when I can bring the Reading, Writing, and Rhyming School Tour to a classroom just as history is being made.  A 4th grade student from Poestenkill wrote a story about a two tailed dragon, and now it's going to become a play that gets the entire class involved - and they'd now like to tell you about it in song.rrr Poestenkill kayla's book

Ms. Wendall's 4th graders rallied together to sing about this incredible accomplishment. All of the kids wrote stories, and they did an online contest to see who's was best.  (Of course EVERY kid deserves a standing ovation for their work).  But since there can only be one winner, Kayla Gutheil was it!  Her book was entitled:
The book tell's the tale of a dragon born with two tails (love the play on words there).  It also touches on the subject of bullying and acceptance and other good character traits.  I was proud to be involved with this as we put words together in the class and recorded this little "jingle" to advertise the book and the upcoming play to be performed by the class in the near future.  (I can't wait for the movie to come out).
Here's the song (written in 1/2 hour!).  Enjoy.
mp3 version (right click and save)
These kids were great to work with.  I also have to give special thanks to  Ms. Wendell and Jennifer Woodin, a parent from the school who heard my plea on the air for a school to replace the one that canceled this week.   Appreciate it greatly.
Lyrics of the song to follow.  Please leave your comments, praises for students etc. in the comment section below.   Thanks for viewing this blog.

Lyrics to Kayla's Book 

(c) 2012 Richie Phillips and Poestenkill Elementary School 

Come on, take a look - take a look at Kayla's Book
She wrote the book, and we're all braggin'
about the tale of the two tailed dragon,
The dragon's yellow with blue spots
Read the book, you'll like it alot
Look at all the time it took to write Kayla's Dragon Book
Without Ms. Wendell helping us,  we would be in a terrible fuss
The dragon's name, it was Jim
It wasn't nice to bully him
He had two tails, yes it's true
Donna helped him so he wouldn't be blue,
We hope the parents see our play
We had fun on 'GNA
Come on take a look, take a look at Kayla's Book.