"I'm just a bill on Capital Hill....."  What a clever song!  It still rolls around in my head whenever I watch those clowns in Washington try to get things passed. What a great little novelty song, and it's now 40 years old! "Schoolhouse Rock" was a PBS show that ran "way back when".  Wikipedia.com tells us that it ran from 1973-85.  What a great way to get kids to learn - by putting the subjects to rhyme! What a concept!  (I do a similar thing, coincidentally.  Shamelless plug here for 'GNA and Hannaford Supermarket's Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour.)

But I digress.  I was wondering who actually wrote this song, and I found out.  According to CNN.com Jazz pianist and vocalist Bob Dorough wrote the song.  He also wrote a slew of other songs on the show.  He's not almost 90 years old, but still performs his songs. God bless him!   Let's go back and remember this great little ditty.

It's a classic.  It also begs to be parodied given the way Congress works these days.  Hmmmm...yet another bit in the making!  Any ideas are welcome below !