Well, here goes yet another blog - typed out in New Times Roman font.  I never even THINK about writing in cursive anymore, do you?  Who cares anyway?  It's a waste to even teach it, right?  Maybe, and maybe not:

Let's see.  The last time I checked, you don't need it to type on a cellphone, you don't need it for a computer obviously, and Facebook certainly doesn't make it a requirement.  And we're all still communicating fine without it.  Does it really make you any less literate just because you don't don a white powdered wig, take out a quill pen and write like this?





Not so fast here. Some say it's still necessary.  According to an article in the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland State Archivist Edward C. Papenfuse says that he believes children should learn it "not only as a means of sustaining communication with the past, but also an exercise in maintaining small motor control."

I guess it might actually be good for the brain.  What's your feeling?  Take the poll below.  (no cursive needed)