Thanks to the son of Johnny Cash and June Carter we have some new music from 'The Man In Black.'

Apparently, while organizing his late parents' music, John Carter Cash discovered an album that was recorded for Columbia Records, but never released. Most of the recordings were done in 1984, during a time when Johnny Cash was having little mainstream radio success. However, if you listen, you may agree that Out Among The Stars could be some of his finest work.

Highlights include two duets with June Carter Cash, a version of 'I'm Movin' On' with Waylon Jennings, the haunting 'She Used To Love Me A Lot,' the classic style story-song 'Out Among The Stars,' and the humorous 'If I Told You Who It Was' with Minnie Pearl. The album seems to represent every style of Johnny Cash song, and his voice is clearly strong and in it's prime.

The album actually reminds me of one of my favorite Johnny Cash projects, The Baron. Released in 1981, the title track shot to No. 6, while the other singles failed to make the Top 40. Even though 'The Baron' isn't regarded by fans as a memorable hit, like 'Ring of Fire' or 'Folsom Prison Blues,' it's Classic Cash that's worth discovering. Furthermore, this overshadowed project even inspired a Made-for-TV-Movie titled The Baron and The Kid.

If you discovered Cash's music in college or on Rock radio in the 90s, these two albums will sound much different than the dark stripped-down songs made for the American Recordings' series. While the commercial music industry may regard these projects as 'bombs' from Johnny Cash's lowest popularity point, both of these early 80's recordings actually seem to represent Cash at a happier time in his life (as John Carter Cash explains in the liner notes).

Listen to the new 'lost' album and tell us what you think in the comment section below.