Wow! What a great year for Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team!

As you may know, I head down to Daytona every year to watch the start of each NASCAR season with its biggest race. I have always been let down as Jimmie and Chad have always had a hard time winning that race. This year was different. This year they won it as a team for the first time ever and I had to think to myself, this is going to be a great year.

YouTube Image, Jimmie Johnson

It was, and congrats to Matt Kenseth who gave them everything they could handle to make this sixth championship a well-earned victory.

I was listening to the 48 team radio when he won the race and just after the screams of "YES!" and the thanking each other for a great year and a great car my favorite exchange came between Jimmie and Crew Chief Chad Knaus. After finishing, he asked Chad, "Is there anything they (NASCAR) needs me to do now?"

Obviously because he wasn't sure how to handle the celebration of winning the championship when it was Denny Hamlin who had actually won the race. Chad not missing a beat said, "Yeah, just burn the #$@ing tires off that thing!

Now the talk of "The Greats" begins. And with that who is the greatest of the greats. Jimmie, with his sixth championship is now only one away from tying the all time record with Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty who each have seven. Jimmie being younger than both of them as he wins his sixth championship could be the one who stands alone as the best when all the smoke clears.

Why I love Jimmie is even as you know this has to be on his mind, when asked about it he just smiles that "Aww Shucks" smile and says, hey lets wait until I hang up the helmet before anyone starts talking about that stuff.

Good Luck with that Jimmie, but for now enjoy the celebrations, your family and the love of your fans. Congrats!

By the way, with that win, Lowes his team sponsor is offering a great deal on a tool set, perfect for a gift this Christmas, and of course Andrea was on it right after the win. Check out her post on a great deal!