People wonder what goes on in the studio when were on the air. Well here’s a little twist to my nightly routine.

On Thursday night while I was on the air hosting the Cryin’, Lovin’ Or Leavin’ Show, as I do almost every weeknight on 1077 GNA.  I was sitting in the studio waiting for people to call in with their phone calls for dedications and stories, but no one called. So I was wondering what the heck was going on? I decided to use my cell phone and call the request line. I dialed 476-1077. I got an “out of service” message. I tried again, thinking I may have called the wrong number.  I got the same message. Oh no, that’s not good. So I made it an all equest show, using email.

But here’s some other stuff that happened. The microphones have these black rubber bands that hold the mics in the stand and control some noise.

While I was talking on the air, one of those broke. As I said – “thingy on the mic broke.” My friend Nicole Hart posted it on my Face Book page. It made her night.

And the other thing that happened - Our morning news dude, Brian Cady told me about the wall clock showing the wrong time. These are Atomic Clocks, set by a satellite.

I tried to fix it, but it didn’t work – at first. I set it near our engineer’s office.  I walked by it about an hour later. It was working, complete with the correct time.

Sometimes it’s those strange little things that can make things a little interesting.  So what strange things have ever happened at your job?