What did we do, in a not so distant past, without the technology that we have today?

You don’t even have to be that old to remember this. Life without computers (Apple or a PC), email, texting, cell phones, IPads, G.P.S. and the many other technological ways to stay in touch. Imagine not having those modern conveniences, because there was a time that we didn’t.

Before we had computers, we would get our news from places like the radio or television. (I won’t go back before cable or satellite tv, yet)

Research was done by going to the library and looking stuff up in an encyclopedia or by reading a book. You remember books – those things that you would have to open up, and look at paper that had printed words on them. A Google search probably would’ve been looking for a cartoon character, named Google.

A face book meant a lot of pictures with faces in them. In school, I think we would call them yearbooks.

If someone called you on a telephone, you would actually talk to that person. Texting was not an option, after all, how could you get the typewriter to connect to your phone? . If you were on the phone, the person would hear a busy signal and call back later. Caller I.D.? Isn’t that when someone tells you who they are when you answer the phone? A wireless phone meant that someone cut the wire off of the phone. Therefore you couldn’t use it.

Mail was something that was delivered in to your house almost everyday. You got mail when you got it. Sometimes days after it was sent. Email is delivered A.S.A.P. Along with email, it seems that almost everyone got a sense of humor. I wish I had a dollar for every joke that I have received since I first got email. I believe I would be permanently vacation around the world, and still have a ton of money. I’m not complaining, because at least I know someone is thinking about me.

I took a trip with my wife last year, and wasn’t sure where we were. I took out my trusty road map and low and behold, found what road to take to get to our destination. As we started back on our journey, I gave the map to my wife and asked her to please fold up my G.P.S. I think the G.P.S. was invented so guys don’t have to ask for directions.

With all this technology stuff at our disposal, I just sometimes wish we could go back to a simpler time. Maybe one day they’ll have an App for that.