It's official: former New York Governor is running for president!

Three-term former New York Gov. George Pataki declared he is running for the Republican presidential nomination this morning.

The Pataki team released a video this morning, "Pataki, In His Own Words." Pataki talks about America having to make a big decision, taking back our government, believing in our military members who make sacrifices for our country and falling in love with America again.

Watch the video, it tells you a lot about Pataki and his experience.

George Pataki has a long road in front of him. Pataki is down in the polls, but it's early. New Yorkers will remember Pataki was the underdog for governor when he ran against Mario Cuomo...and he won!

We will learn more in the days that come, but as I said before, I think I would like to see a New Yorker in the White House!

What do you think now that it's official?