Are you the frantic type when it comes to getting everything ready for Thanksgiving? Are you bored with your recipes and looking for something unique this year?  Ok- everyone say it at the same time-   "There's an app for that"

Here's the audio from today's Tech Talk.  Some of this refers to other posts.  It mentions the app below, a review of the Kindle Fire HD, and a gizmo that teaches your hands to play the piano

But I digress.  Here's a great app for the holidays.

It's called iFeast - I found this one on  (Maybe one of the Real Housewives uses this!)

from the Apple App Store

It will really help you plan your thanksgiving feast.  You can use their menus or put your own in It will also send a notification to you to remind you what you should be doing when--like chilling the wine, putting the turkey in etc

They have categories like novice, pressed for time, lame brain who leaves the yams in too long (that was a joke), and more.  It's for the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. iFeast is a whopping $2.99).

Happy Thanksgiving in advance!   (and if you have any good leftovers, you know where I work!

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