We're getting closer to starting the time honored tradition of  Christmas shopping.  Gadgets should be at the top of everyone's list!  One of the hot new items - tablets.  And the iPad isn't the only game in town now.  Meet 'GNA's Business Manager Sharon Carter as she reviews the Kindle Fire HD

from Amazon.com

It's the Kindle Fire HD from Amazon.  I'm a big iPad guy, but that's not necessarily a good thing to be "tunnel visioned" when it comes to technology.  You have to know the competition before you go bragging about what you have.  I must say that this is a great alternative, and certainly much cheaper than the iPad (even the iPad mini is more expensive).

But are the two really the same or are we talking apples to oranges here (no pun intended).

'GNA's Business Manager Sharon Carter will now attempt to answer that with her very thorough review -  Here we go..,



Thanks, Sharon.  Well - did it pique your interest?  I think it's a great alternative personally, although they are two different animals - but I'll save the iPad review for another time.  I don't want to steal Sharon's thunder.