I guess this is becoming a thing... rubber wedding rings?

Jimmy Fallon wears a rubber wedding band that's made to come apart if his finger gets caught on something now because a while ago he almost lost his finger when he fell in is kitchen.

Now we're finding out that Jason Aldean wears a rubber ring too!

He's into the idea that it's safe and he can wear it to do anything.  Hunting, sports, on stage, etc.

Jason has several of the rings in a variety of colors. He buys his from a company called Qalo, and they're actually kinda cheap.

They start at $15.99 and go up to $59.95 (I thought they'd be priced for celebs).

And if you're wondering if he has a fancy wedding band too, of course he does. But he just wears that on special occasions.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images