A new study has found that in "certain situations" a third of women decide to remove their wedding or engagement rings.

The top 3 reasons women took off their rings: 35% was for work reasons, 29% were for job interviews, and 22% were out socializing.

Of those 22 percent of women who admitted that they took off their ring when they were out, 59 percent said they wanted to appear single, and 11 percent said it was because they were looking to cheat.

We asked our Facebook Fans this morning...

Is there ever a situation where it's okay to not wear your wedding ring?

There were nearly 200 comments!  Most of you said "Never!" Some said it's okay at work if wearing it will pose a safety hazard.  And, a few of you said, it's just a material item, and the love you have for your mate is what really matters!

Thanks for your input!  It's so interesting to see what our great listeners are thinking!

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Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images for Fox