There's a lot of unemployment in this country.  There's so much poverty in certain areas that we sometimes resemble a third world nation.  And then you have the opposite end of the spectrum- rich celebrities spending huge bucks on "bling" , and some of them aren't even together anymore.  Check this out. 

None of these folks are country artists, because they have more sense I guess, but check this out.  According to,  Jay-Z (Beyonce's hubby) gave her a $5 million dollar 18-karat ring.




Paris Hilton, who was once engaged to a shipping heir named.. PARIS (?), received a 24-karat $4.7 million ring.




And Kim Kardashian cashed in on a 20-karat ring at the cost of $2 million .  Pretty good, for a two month relationship.  Here's a video that shows some others

My ring that I have worn for 25 years was my father's wedding ring.  He gave me his original one.  I guess it got in the way when he was fishing, so he relinquished it.  It cost me a whopping $12 to have it cleaned.  I'm as happy as a clam.
Isn't it insane that even spending MILLIONS on someone doesn't secure a relationship any more than if you paid $12.00.    What's your feeling on this?  Are you as disgusted with the insane amounts of money that these people waste?  Would love to hear your comments