Besides root canal, am I wrong when I say putting particle board furniture is the most painful experience EVER?  Here are my top 5 pet peeves, and maybe you can chime in with yours

So I tried to lend a hand recently in assembling a 51/2 foot bookshelf  at my father-in-law's apartment. This is a valiant attempt to try to appear handy for once.  Everyone close to me knows that this is not a character trait that I possess.  I guess I proved it hands down this time.  I went to pick up the frame of it after carefully following directions to flip this behemoth over to put the cardboard backing on , and in the process - I ripped one side totally off of it -yanking the screws right out of the wood.  I can't even attempt to print the words that came out of my mouth in front of my wife's FATHER, for god sakes.

photo by Richie Phillips


So as we speak I am off to the Home Depot to see if I can cob together a "fix".  If you stand this thing up the way it is, it will crumble to the floor.  I will then be completely disowned by the Reiter family.  What do you suggest?  Crazy Glue? Prayer? I'm taking suggestions at