This is a horror of unspeakable proportions, but at least it's over. The Herkimer gunman who went on a senseless shooting spree in Herkimer, New York has been killed by police. According to 

After a nearly 19-hour standoff, police officers this morning swarmed the building where shooting suspect Kurt Myers had been holed up since Wednesday afternoon and Myers was shot dead, police said.

I guess they stormed the basement of the Glory Days building in Herkimer, and he still ended up killing an FBI police dog. Officers then retaliated and shot and killed him

I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more about this in the days and weeks to come.  Do you think we'll ever find out a true motive for this, if there was one?

It only brings home to me something what we've known all along - police officers just never know when their lives are going to be on the line, and this is a good example.  Our deep condolences to all the victims' families