Your Town Thursday  has been happening on Friday's lately as part of our Small Town Tour. For our first stop on the fall leg of the tour we give Greenwich the theme song treatment.


"Where Greenwichians Go"

Parody of Tim McGraw's "Where The Green Grass Grows"

Written and sung by Richie Phillips

Lyrics (c) 2012 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved


Here’s a place that’s darn pretty

At one time they called it Whipple City

I hope they never change the name back again


Great Teams who would switch

With a group that's won 10 Team State Championships

You don't think it’s a big deal

Having 14 winners just from track and field?



I wanna go where Greenwichians go

Fishin in the Battenkill -takin it slow

Drive up to Bald Mountain - hey, something named after me!


The school mascot --there’s a switch

it’s not a dog or bear - it’s a witch

Come on down to a really cool car show

That’s where Greenwichians go


Lots of history- the home of Susan B Anthony

And Chester B Arthur -who was he?

he was a President, you big dummy!


Here’s where the people meet

at the nice Farmers Market down on Main Street

Yes sir it should be coming up any day

Why do I say it’s time well spent ?

cuz there’s a soup bisque and chowder Tasting event

There's not much money that you're gonna waste

how can you complain, at a dollar a taste


I wanna go where Greenwichians go

that’s why we at the Sean and Richie show

We packed up our things to bring the radio to you

Hal Ketchum lived here - oh yea that’s right

cuz he loved the Small Town Saturday nites

and if you’ve got a small town then why not let us know

cuz that’s the next place that the Sean and Richie show's gonna go


The home of the Underground Railroad

And the Washington County Fair which is really in Easton but what the heck!  We'll say it's here!